They prepare shelter in fire station due to arrival of winter storm

Ciudad Juárez.- The Independent Municipal Government provides citizens with the 911 telephone number to attend emergency situations and report people living on the streets, because in the next few hours the ninth winter storm of the season will enter the region, the which will cause a marked drop in temperature, strong winds, rain and snow in various parts of the state.

The general director of Civil Protection indicated that the monitoring of weather conditions shows a 90 percent possibility of rain between 2 and 3 in the morning of Sunday, February 14, which will be recorded until 3 in the afternoon of the same day , and from now on there will be an 80 percent chance of snow, with an estimated accumulation of between 1 and 2 centimeters; as well as a maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius and a minimum of -8 at night, with a thermal sensation of -14 degrees.

He announced that the Municipality set up three temporary rooms to serve the community in a vulnerable situation at Fire Station number 8, located at the intersection of Eje Vial Juan Gabriel and Barranco Azul; However, if necessary, the gymnasium of Fire Station number 10 will also be enabled to serve the community.

He pointed out that these shelters will operate according to the healthy distance protocols to prevent contagion of Coronavirus COVID-19, among other measures.

The official explained that the community must remain aware of the messages issued by the Civil Protection authorities through the media and social networks, to take due precautions and avoid unfortunate situations.

He recalled that the orange alert is in force due to said weather condition, for which the agency in charge is in coordination with the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) and the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA), to make tours of the entire city and transfer homeless people to these shelters to avoid deaths from hypothermia.

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Likewise, in a transversal way with the General Coordination of Road Safety and the General Directorate of Public Services, work will be done to address the crystallization of streets to avoid road accidents.

The community is invited to take extreme precautions with heating appliances to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as to pay special attention to children and the elderly to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Informative bulletin Municipal Government of Ciudad Juárez.

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