They protest against the blockade of Cuba at the US embassy in London – Radio Santa Cruz

London, Oct 18.- Members of the British organization Rock Around the Blockade, attached to the United Kingdom’s Communist Revolutionary Group, demanded before the United States embassy in this capital the lifting of the North American blockade of Cuba.

The protesters, who were joined by militants from the Communist League and solidarity activists with the Caribbean island, gathered for several hours in front of the diplomatic legation in South London with Cuban flags and shouting ‘Cuba Yes, Yankees No ‘and’ Down the Blockade ‘.

Several of the speakers highlighted Cuba’s social advances in education and health despite having been under the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed by Washington for 60 years, and the example given by its four thousand doctors and nurses in 40 countries during the pandemic of Covid-19.

They also pointed out that now more than ever it is necessary to defend that example of the Cuban Revolution, because the administration of President Donald Trump increases its hostility towards the small Caribbean country, and tries to strangle its economy and cause hardship to the population.

Rock Around the Blockade also recalled in a statement that the United Nations General Assembly has condemned the North American blockade against Cuba for 28 consecutive years, so in its attempt to separate the island from its many friends and allies, it said, increasingly isolated from a political point of view is the United States.

Founded in 1995, the organization sends work brigades to Cuba and promotes events in the United Kingdom to show the political and social reality of the Antillean country. (Latin Press)

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