They report more cases of double contagion of Covid-19

Two new cases of reinfection by coronavirus were reported yesterday, corresponding to an audit in this capital and a person who worked as a doctor in the La Romana province.

An auditor gave her testimony that she tested positive again almost six months after the first time, found out by chance, and is completely asymptomatic.

The first time was on May 29, with few symptoms, just pain in the extremities and loss of smell. His daughter was infected and was asymptomatic.

This professional told Listín Diario that the test was repeated in mid-June and it was negative and as a control measure on July 26 the analysis was performed again and the Covid-19 was not detected.

Almost six months have passed. The woman, who did not identify herself, said that in an operation carried out in the company for which she works they took samples from all the personnel and, to her surprise, they notified her on Thursday 12, through a phone call, that it is positive to the coronavirus.

He adds that at first he believed it was a joke. “I didn’t believe it and I even laughed, but when they told me it was true I started crying,” with mixed feelings between fear and uncertainty.

The negativity with which he reacted associates it with the fact that he maintains a physical distance, works in an office alone and keeps the protocols, as he alleged.

“In less than six months I am positive and I am not dating. I’m not socializing. It is something that I did not understand and it left me down ”, he indicated, noting that another confirmation test will be done, hoping that it is a mistake.

He said that when he saw the news that a whole family was infected again, he made the decision to tell Listín Diario his experience, to strengthen that testimony that yes, the virus repeats.

The doctor’s case
Yesterday the Minister of Public Health, Putarco Arias, affirmed that cases of reinfection have been reported in La Romana, eastern region of the country, and pointed out that these cases are not very common in the world.

Arias said on the Hoy Same program that during the course of the pandemic they have received reports stating that after four months of contracting the coronavirus, immunity is lost and that for this reason there is a probability that the person will be infected again after recovering from Covid.

The Ministry of Health assured that it was notified of the case of a person who worked as a doctor in the La Romana province and who had contracted the virus last March when the pandemic began and that he was infected again several months later.


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