They rob an Apple product store in Sabadell

The events occurred this morning, on the same street where a jewelry store was robbed on Friday

A person using an Apple iPhone

EFE / Marc Arcas

The Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating the theft this Monday morning at the Intecat store, specialized in Apple brand products, on the Rambla de Sabadell. The notice was received at 1:39 am after the establishment’s burglar alarm sounded.

According to sources in the investigation, the thieves have broken the windows of the shop window with a sewer cover, to then enter the establishment and take the phones that were on display to the public.

Last week they robbed an establishment on the same street

This assault took place a few meters from where on Friday some unknown persons drove a car into the window of a jewelry store, on Paseo Manresa, and took the jewelry that was in the establishment.

To this day, it has not transcended whether the two facts are connected.

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General plan for the damage caused to the jewelery moored in the center of Sabadell, on 18 February 2021. (Horizontal)

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