They secure “El Güero” with a strong arsenal in the Mexicali Valley – Local, Police, News about Mexico and the World | The Voice of the Border | Mexicali

Elements of the State Security Guard managed to arrest a subject on federal highway # 2, in the Mexicali Valley, when they found him in possession of a firearm, coat racks and various drugs.

Agents who were in operation at the height of the Miguel Alemán ejido, noticed a Grand Cherokee vehicle, model 2004, with Anapromex plates, which was circulating in the opposite direction on the highway.

Immediately, agents of the State Guard followed up where the unit was reached, requesting the driver of the unit to get off to proceed with the intervention.

The subject said his name was José Fernando ¨N¨, alias ¨El Güero¨, 25 years old, originally from San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, who on inspection found nothing illegal, proceeding to search the unit.

Inside, five long guns were found, each supplied with a magazine and 30 cartridges 7.62x39mm, both engraved with various legends and serial numbers.

Likewise, a sawed-off shotgun with the Remmington model 870 legend, another .22 caliber long gun, a Winchester long gun, model 72, four magazine hangers, a bag with 400 grams of methamphetamine and 5,900 kilograms of marijuana.

The detainee, the unit and everything insured were made available to the Attorney General of the Republic pending the proceeding against this subject.


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