They see a humanitarian crisis due to an increase in expulsions with Trump’s rule

The increase in deportations of migrants carried out by the United States set off alerts among Mexican legislators, who see a sensitive issue that could turn into a humanitarian crisis on the northern border of Mexico.

“We do not have conditions in immigration stations to receive more migrants and offer them adequate sanitary conditions,” acknowledged Julieta Vences (Morena), president of the Committee on Migration Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, referring to the information published by La Razón on the rise in migrant expulsions by the administration of President Joe Biden.

In its edition of Monday, May 3, this newspaper published that in just two months, the US doubled the monthly average of migrants expelled to Mexico, based on the so-called Title 42, which allows the expeditious deportation of detainees who crossed the border illegally.

Julieta Vences also said that they will call a working meeting to the National Institute of Migration (INM) to explain the measures that are being adopted to mitigate the risks of diseases among the migrant population.

“We are inviting officials from the National Institute of Migration so that in the next few days they could tell us what actions they are taking, because indeed there is concern, especially in shelters such as Tijuana where it is saturated with migrants who are returning and then they are a little desperate, “he acknowledged.

The Morena legislator considered that the conditions to think about a humanitarian crisis are not yet in place.

“We have seen how Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard intervened with the Biden government to find a solution; Furthermore, I am confident that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will promote an immigration agreement in which temporary permits are granted for three years and if the person complies with having a job and good behavior, he / she can request that their immigration status be regularized ”, He said.

He insisted that the proposal to create temporary work permits, which could be extended for three years to offer residence to migrants, should be reinforced, because it is a way to have an orderly, legal and peaceful migration.

Meanwhile Eraclio Rodríguez, deputy of the Labor Party, estimated that Mexico could provide employment for these migrants, but “unfortunately what I warned them about a year ago has been fulfilled, we must not eliminate investment and support programs for the countryside or we will provoke a food crisis; today, sadly that is what is happening ”.

The member of the Northern Border Affairs commission considered that the increase in deportations, the lack of a health program to attend to them and the shortage of food, will cause a humanitarian crisis in a short time.

We do not have conditions in immigration stations to receive more migrants and offer them adequate sanitary conditions. There is concern, especially in shelters like the one in Tijuana where it is saturated with returning migrants

Julieta Kristal Vences, Deputy of Morena

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“They are going to cause us a serious problem because they are going to start releasing all Central Americans to the Mexican borders. The worst thing is that we do not have any epidemiological control that allows us to receive them. What are we going to do with them if the economy is stopped? This is going to become an international conflict regarding the handling and treatment given to migrants ”, he warned.

For the legislator, the lack of investment in the agricultural sector prevents migrants from joining production: “we can receive in the north of the republic a large number of migrants who come to work in agriculture, but today we have a crisis because we do not have investments, there are no credits, no support and we cannot ”.

  • The data: Title 42, promoted by Trump in March 2020, allows the expulsion of migrants under the pretext of protecting US citizens from possible Covid-19 infections.


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