They seize three pistols, a rifle and 3,000 cartridges from a nonagenarian in his home in Oviedo

A call to 091, where a person alerted of their suicidal ideas in Oviedo, gave the alarm to the National Police. When the agents arrived at the home, they found a 91-year-old man who told them of his intention to kill himself “due to health problems”. In the house, they found the seized arsenal: three pistols, a revolver, a rifle, a muzzleloader and 3,000 .22 caliber cartridges.

The events occurred on April 28, after that telephone notice to report the intention of the nonagenarian, with family problems. It was the members of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade and the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of the Higher Headquarters, according to the police chronicle, who went to the floor and were able to observe that this man “had a large number of firearms , most of them in perfect condition for use, as well as almost 3,000 cartridges of the 22 caliber ”.

The officials proceeded to the intervention of all the weapons, as well as the ammunition that said person had in his house, being transferred to the police station. The old man was admitted to the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), according to the press release.

Its owner, according to police investigations, only had a 22-caliber carbine registered and that the rest had no registration whatsoever. In addition to the aforementioned rifle, they were intervened three pistols of different calibers, a revolver and a muzzleloader, all of them sent to the Higher Police Headquarters of Asturias to continue with their study, indicated the same sources.


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