They spread disturbing image of Yoda with human skin | Municipalities Puebla

Puebla, Pue.- In social networks, the image of Yoda with human skin, but the response of the followers of the saga Star Wars it has not been entirely positive.

VIDEO Martha Higareda confuses Canelo Álvarez with narcoMaradona tried to steal Lucía Méndez, but she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriendAn illustrator imagined what the jedi master if I had human skin and the result turned out “scary “and” disturbing“for Star Wars fans.

The character of the franchise created by George Lucas, who in the new series of the saga, “The Mandalorian”, where he was included as Baby Yoda, was remembered on Twitter by the illustrator and the comments were not favorable, stating that they did not agree with the adorableness of the character.

Does the image seem terrifying to you?

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