They suggest cutting off the water to locals that violate covid-19 rules. Is it possible?

The County Commissioners Court is increasingly frustrated with the spread of the virus and the few tools it has to control crowds.

The commissioners joined a growing group of state leaders who are asking Gov. Greg Abbott for help and flexibility, who has taken no action on the pandemic since allowing bars to reopen Oct. 7.

Judge Clay Jenkins asked Abbott for more restrictions, including closures of interior bar spaces, limiting gatherings to 10 people and closing gyms.

A Republican colleague of Abbott is Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley who has been unable to reach the governor despite several attempts.

According to state data, there are only 142 intensive care unit beds left in all of North Texas, between Hunt County to the east and Palo Pinto to the west.

13% of all patients in 19 North Texas counties have Covid-19.

Commissioner JJ Koch asked the county Health Services to provide more information such as the average hospital stay of patients. This is because COVID treatments have improved since the start of the pandemic.

He also asked Dr. Philio Huang, the county health director, to prepare the distribution of the vaccine now, something that could happen in a few months.

But the commissioners also floated other ideas, such as shutting off the water to businesses that violate occupancy rules due to the pandemic, as suggested by John Wiley Price.

However, the city of Dallas is the entity that could apply a measure like that and has not commented on the matter.

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