They warn that a winter storm could be like the one in 2011

Mayra selene gonzalez
The Juarez Journal

Saturday, February 13, 2021 | 22:10

Juarez City- Starting at 2:00 a.m. this Sunday, the ninth winter storm is expected to enter Ciudad Juárez and the rest of the municipalities in the north and northwest of the state, which could be similar to the one that occurred 10 years ago, in February 2011, for which state and municipal authorities launched an orange alert on Saturday night.

According to the forecast of The Weather Channel, a minimum temperature of -10 degrees Celsius is expected, probability of rain of 80 percent and snow accumulations.

“It could be like the one in 2011”, warned Efrén Matamoros, director of Municipal Civil Protection, for which he said that coordination had already been carried out with the Municipal Public Security Secretariat and with the National Defense Secretariat to carry out tours and avoid the deaths from hypothermia.

He stressed that the accumulation of snow will be between one and two centimeters according to the National Weather Service, so that Road Safety will also be alert to the closure of the streets due to the crystallization of the pavement to avoid accidents such as the one that occurred on Interstate 35 in Texas.

Through a special transmission throughout the state, it was indicated that in Municipalities from Madera to Guadalupe the snow will accumulate 10 centimeters and in the Delicias – Parral area, sleet is expected, so the authorities made a call to avoid going out to road if not necessary.

It was indicated that in Juarez the municipal shelters of Fire Station 8 and 10 were set up, and by the State the Central Park and the community centers.

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Officials called for extreme precautions with the use of heaters, report homeless people and prevent animals from being exposed to low temperatures.


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