They will issue an international alert to capture Axel López, the Guatemalan who sold mobile hospitals to Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Transparency and Fighting Public Corruption (Fetccop) will issue an international alert in the next few hours to capture the representative of the company Elmed Medical System, the Guatemalan Axel López.

This Thursday, the former director of Invest-H, Marco Bográn and former administrator Alex Moraes were detained in the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (Atic) when they provided a statement for a new line of inquiry against him.

OF INTEREST: Marco Bográn, Alex Moraes and Áxel López are required in the case of mobile hospitals

Both former officials received a tax injunction with an arrest warrant, which includes López, who sold seven mobile hospitals to Honduras through a direct purchase from the State through Invest-H, valued at more than 1,174 million lempiras.

Consequently, the Honduran prosecutor’s office will issue a international alert to capture the Guatemalan, however, until now it is unknown what the tax injunction against him contains.

Axel López is the representative of ELMED Medical Systems Inc, company Turkey and Mobile, in charge of selling seven mobile hospitals to Honduras.

The also veteran of the United States Navy and writer of the book ” How to do successful business in Latin America ”, at the time he was accused of using documentation and proposals for mobile hospitals from the Turkish company SDI Global LL and sending them to Strategic Investment of Honduras (Invest-H) with your company stamp.

The Turkish company publicly accused him of swindle in an exchange of communications for falsification of documents.

The total purchase is of seven mobile hospitals, three of 91 beds and four of 51 beds manufactured in Turkey for a value of 47.1 million lempiras, paid through a purchase order dated March 18 to y ELMED medical Systems Inc, represented by López.

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