They won the dispute: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry put an end to it

After the desperate moment lived, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry begin a new era.

The couple pose with their young son.

The trouble had started when the paparazzi had taken illegal photographs of the son of the Duchess.

Photo agency X17 had made a mistake it didn’t want to admit: Archie’s photos were illegal.

That was how Markle she entered the legal fight, where her lawyer argued: all families have the right, protected by law, to feel safe at home.

A brief look at Tyler Perry.

The postcards had been taken by drone in the gardens of the Tyler Perry mancin, where the boy was.

We promise not to do it again.

The agency eventually paid the damage done to the British and the american after the disturbing case.

The family in charitable event.

We apologize for the distress we caused.


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