Things go round in circles on Man United while Liverpool players are asking for more

Jimmy Pilnick, Huyton

These are really remarkable times to be a Liverpool fan. 14 points ahead in the championship, European champions, world champions and our children have just beaten a full-fledged Everton in the FA Cup!

This team is making unprecedented talent, not only in this era but in the history of the game. The work ethic and humility that Jurgen Klopp instilled means that nothing will be taken for granted, but when a team comes this far there is usually only one result.

There was a time when we looked enviously at Sunday’s opponents who won title after title. Now United arrive in Anfield closer to Norwich positioned lower than that of the Reds. Things are back to the starting point!

The pack of pursuers is rapidly running out and losing hope. Three points against our old enemy will further strengthen our hold on high.

Martin Latham, Woolton

The Reds continue their relentless march to their first Premier League title.

Bill Shankly referred to the national championship campaign as a marathon not a sprint, but even this does not adequately describe the mental determination necessary to win one game after another for a period of nine months in a league that boasts some of the best talent of the football world.

It was thrilling to see Jurgen Klopp’s tactical acumen to help develop a team of individually qualified players into an exciting attacking unit, and thus build mental strength to continue winning, regardless of who the opposition is.

A team that wins will usually have good relationships between the players, but this team has something special. These players are much more than a close-knit group, they continually ask for more and more from each other – and usually get it.

Mark Baker, Huyton

The re-emergence of Joe Gomez alongside Virgil van Dijk has been huge for the team in the past few weeks.

In today’s elite teams, the ability to defend the pitch high is essential and having Gomez’s player profile makes this task much easier to perform.

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The ability of the players to feel comfortable in the defense of large areas, playing one on one when the ball is turned and backed up in a recovery match, has allowed Liverpool to tighten the pitch, confident in the awareness that the opposition more mobile attackers will not attack a lower player, in relation to mobility.

Centermate Dejan Lovren is more than capable of defending the 18-yard box from a deeper geography, when the side sinks deeper, but the difference in athleticism means that there is no same security when the game expands .

Mick Charman, Hale Village

It was a test of our decision against Spurs last Saturday, particularly in the second half. But as it has been a number of times this season, we have found a way to win.

Bobby Firmino recently got into the habit of scoring winning goals, but as always this season has been a solid team effort with every hard working player.

Jose Mourinho always seems to make us difficult and has changed his system more than once in this game to interrupt our rhythm.
This was not our best performance of the season, but it was another step towards the end goal.

Sunday’s game against Manchester United could bring a challenge similar to the one we faced at Spurs.

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United only seem to be able to play on the counter, trying to exploit their speed. They caused us problems when we played them early in the season, especially in the first half, but in the end that evening we could easily have won the game.

I’m sure Sunday will be a very different experience for the opposition, this is Anfield and fans will make sure they know.

With Fabinho, Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren approaching the return, the future looks good.


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