Thinking of Arsenal, Unión will travel to Buenos Aires – Cadena Oh

Unión will visit Sergio Rondina’s Arsenal this Friday in Sarandí. The game, which will be played at the “April 15” stadium, will be played at 5:10 p.m.

Juan Manuel Azconzábal’s team prepares to carry out the last training session in Santa Fe before traveling to Buenos Aires. The coach will take the opportunity to test the team that will go out onto the playing field from the start of the game.

As he could know Without Jaw, the formation of Union to play against Arsenal would be with several “substitute” players. The “Basque” will define a team looking askance at Tuesday’s match against Bahia for the eighth of the Copa Sudamericana.

Without confirming, a probable formation of Union to play in Sarandí would be with Sebastián Moyano or Federico Bonansea; Gerometta, Calderón, Zules Caicedo, Esquivel; Bucca, Cecchini, Comas or Machuca, Elizari; González and Zenón.

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