This 55 “Xiaomi TV with 4K and on sale in Spain for only € 349 is perfect for playing games and watching series

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If you want to get a TV that is inexpensive and is a good option to play, the Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 4S it is an almost perfect purchase. its 4K resolution makes it one of the ideal picks if we ever think of moving to the new generation of video consoles, or simply to watch movies and series in maximum resolution. And the best of all is that we can buy it directly from Spain at a really cheap price.

It is a large format screen, perfect to have in the living room or in a large room if we want a large display with which to play or watch series. And we are talking about no less than 55 inches. Is Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 4S we can buy it directly in Spain finding it right now in Idealo at a price of 349 euros.

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We already know that Xiaomi is one of the brands that manages to launch products with a very great quality / price ratio. And the combination between the technical characteristics of this television and the affordable price that it has, makes it one of the TVs preferred by users. The 55-inch size is optimal to have it in any living room, being able to enjoy video games and series and movies from the sofa without missing a screen.

4K resolution is the minimum we have to look for today when choosing a television. Although before there was not so much content in this resolution, now it is the standard in streaming video platforms like Netflix, Disney + Amazon Prime Video. And the same happens when it comes to playing video games. If you want to play with a game console, the generation of game consoles that arrives now has 4K resolution, so it is essential to start from this quality when thinking about playing.

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In addition to the above, we are talking about a Xiaomi product, which always provides quality in what has to do with the final result of a product and the user experience. We can install applications on the TV, as they are the streaming video apps themselves, and even some games. And the platform is designed correctly.

Yet a price as affordable as 349 euros, and being sold from Spain with an official guarantee, there is no doubt that it is a really interesting purchase.

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