This celebrity is under the skeleton

Is Sarah Lombardi under the mask of the skeleton? Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

About a month ago, presenter Matthias Opdenhövel (50) opened the show “The Masked Singer” with a promise that was reminiscent of a well-known TV advertisement – according to the motto: my house, my car, my boat. “Highly decorated” are the new celebrities among the fresh costumes, assured Opdenhövel. To describe all the glamor and glory, he started a staccato list: “We have 17 gold records with us! Eight times platinum! Bambis, Echos, Federal Cross of Merit! “

In contrast to the well-known TV commercial, Opdenhövel has of course not yet put all the cards on the table – because that’s the game principle of the music puzzle show. Only when a celebrity is eliminated does he have to take off the costume in which he took part in the show without being recognized. Several shows later you are a little smarter. And the final certainty is approaching: On Tuesday (November 24th, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) the grand finale will take place. An overview.

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Unmasked: The relay’s list of candidates is impressive. The biggest names: actress and “super woman” Veronica Ferres (55) and pop star Vicky Leandros (68). Both are not permanent guests on TV shows. Ferres was kicked out at the beginning when she tried to mimic a bee in a disguised voice. Leandros was revealed as a cat after she had to hear from advice team member Rea Garvey (47) that she could hardly be a professional singer. Oops. Moderator Sylvie Meis (as alpaca), comedian Wigald Boning (as frog) and presenter Jochen Schropp (as lobster) were also exposed.

Gewinnt Sarah Lombardi „The Masked Singer“?

The hippopotamus: The thick-legged cloven-hoofed animal prances – rather: dances – across the stage in a ballerina tutu and seems to have a preference for soulful music and New York. TV chef Nelson Müller (41), who is known to be very good at singing, is highly regarded. Sonja Zietlow (52) in the advice team also threw the name of the 90s great Haddaway (“What Is Love”) into the ring.

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Der Anubis: The Egyptian deity is still a big mystery, even if ProSieben is clearly trying to direct the suspicion on moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (37). In a circumstantial film, an “insider” stated that they had been together “around the globe” and “never avoided a duel” – an allusion to the Joko and Klaas show “Duel around the world”. But that would be almost too obvious.

The Alien: The Alien had its big moment when it sang the duet “Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli with a refrigerator – and switched to Italian with a powerful operatic voice. Luke Mockridge (31) was immediately a hot tip for the Italo alien, who otherwise sounds more like Master Yoda from “Star Wars” – the presenter is the son of a Canadian-Italian couple. Most recently, Rateteam guest Rea Garvey decided on BossHoss singer Alec Völkel: “It feels like Alec, I can only say that!”

The meerkats: With the cute meerkats, a candidate duo appears for the first time on the show. Right from the start, the names of reality star Daniela Katzenberger and her husband Lucas Cordalis wafted through the rumor mill. They were hardened when the Mannheim comedian Bülent Ceylan (44) heard a familiar dialect in the advice team – Katzenberger comes from the nearby Ludwigshafen.

The skeleton: The skeleton with the ice eyes is considered the best voice in the field. The tips have been revolving around two names for weeks: the “Germany is looking for the superstar” runner-up and influencer Sarah Lombardi (28) and the former girl group singer Mandy Capristo (30, band Monrose). Whereby more points to Lombardi. She has already commented on the rumors in a nebulous way: “I could well imagine taking part in the show.”


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