This could be the new Champions League from 2024

HBN. After various secret meetings of FIFA and UEFA of the biggest teams in Europe were made public to create their own cup, which would be called Superliga, these organizations would be studying, according to the prestigious French sports newspaper L´Equipe, to modify the format of the Champions from 2024.

It should be noted that a few days ago, FIFA gave a harsh warning to the clubs that are trying to create a new competition at the expense of the official body, communicating that the players would not be allowed to participate in it.

Possible changes in 2024 of the Champions League

Although for football lovers, having more competitions can be a greater pleasure to have more events on the television grid or even to make forecasts on pages such as Wcodigos, the reality is that both competitions would be incompatible and as the power resides in FIFA, it aims to give a voice to these clubs that want a new competition, taking into account their requests and possibly giving it a new format as of the aforementioned 2024.

These changes would mainly consist of increasing the number of participants from 32 to 36 and the group stage would have a league format, something that has been requested for years from the largest, since there is more possibility, as there are more games, to have a bad day and pass the phase anyway, something that in the group phase does not always happen after two small setbacks.

This new system, called the “Swiss” system, would be based on a joint league of 36 teams, where by lottery each team is assigned five round-trip matches, thus playing a total of 10 matches, against the six existing in the current system.

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At the end of the ten games of each team, the first eight of the classification would go directly to the eighth and those that have remained in the positions between 9 and 24, would be paired back and forth so that of the sixteen, there are eight more to be they will face the first eight already classified previously.

From there, the system would be the same as the current one, round trip from the last 16 to the final, which as always, would be a single match, another reason for dispute between the teams, since even a match, they blame that the match does not always win. better.

At the moment, although it is only a publication of a French media, many people agree on an interested leak in order to calm the largest clubs in Europe to create the Super League and showing that FIFA can adapt its competitions such as the Champions League over the years, due to new needs and even technological improvements such as the arrival of the VAR, among some of the most striking changes in football in recent years.

We will have to be attentive to the next movements of FIFA and UEFA, if they want teams like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona that would be within those supposed creators of the Superliga, to continue playing their competitions.

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