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Black Shark, known especially by Xiaomi, has an interesting gadget launched a few months ago that we can already buy on AliExpress and that offers us the possibility of have physical buttons on our smartphoneEither an Android or an iPhone.

In order to improve our gaming experience, while raising our competitive level, this new hitch that we can place on the top of our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, will provide us two physical buttons that we can use as triggers.

These are specially designed for use in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), although the truth is that they can be used in any other game that allows us to move the buttons on the screen to the upper area of ​​the terminal where we use them.

For your hold, this interesting gadget from Black Shark It has a small clip, which also adds a protective cover. This adapts to any smartphone contour, preventing it from scratching during use.

This Black Shark gadget that you can already buy adds physical buttons to your Xiaomi.  News Xiaomi Addicts

The best thing is that now We can buy it for just 12 euros in AliExpress, a very interesting option for those who take mobile games seriously and want to add an improvement to their competitive level.

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