This iPhone 7 with ‘jailbreak’ is also capable of running Ubuntu

Currently jailbreak an iPhone is practically meaningless, unless, of course, we want to install Ubuntu, the Linux distribution. This is the experiment that the Reddit user has carried outnewhacker1746 and that leaves us with a curious video of the feat.

Ubuntu 20.4 in an iPhone

According to the user, the iPhone was not working well due to an error in the internal storage, so it occurred to him to try to install another operating system through an ethernet connection. The first step, of course, has been jailbreak the device to then run Ubuntu.

In fact, the Ubuntu kernel is not compatible with any other Apple processor beyond the A10 Fusion, which is exclusive to the iPhone 7. An impediment that the user has taken into account and that has led to run ARM64 version of Ubuntu 20.04 on iPhone.

The operating system, however, runs in command-line mode, without showing any interface, something that also does not detract from the achievement. These kinds of experiments are always interesting, recently we saw a similar one in which some developers got Android running on an iPhone 7.

It is clear that Apple’s intention when designing the iPhone is not to run Linux, but it is still a most curious exercise. A curiosity that, in addition, can bear fruit.

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