This is how Sebastian Stan would join as Luke Skywalker in ‘the Mandalorian 3’

One of the fan requests that has become a trend in recent weeks has to do with the Star Wars franchise where a large number of social media users have asked that the actor Sebastian Stan interpret Luke Skywalker in some production, request to which the same actor and even Mark Hamill have already spoken about it, but taking into consideration some issues, it is not ruled out that we see Sebastian Stan in ‘The Mandalorian 3’.

The end of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ was perhaps one of the most emotional within the franchise of a galaxy far, far away where we finally saw them separate Din Djarin and Grogu whom he defended at all times, leaving him in the hands of a still young man Luke Skywalker, which was rejuvenated thanks to CGI and it seems that this character along with “Baby Yoda” could return for the third season.

While the interpreter of Bucky Barnes has said that he does not rule out playing the Jedi master, the decision will be left to LucasFilm and Disney if they decide to call the actor who bears a strong resemblance to Mark Hamill, but It is not ruled out that we see Sebastian Stan in ‘The Mandalorian 3’, since it is very likely that we will see Grugu under the tutelage of Luke and to avoid CGI or as little as possible, they could use Sebastian Stan and just give some tweaks to become the Skywalker master.

So far the plot of the third season of ‘The Mandalorian’, since other series such as ‘The Book of Boba Fett’, ‘Andor’ y ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, but perhaps when this series starring Pedro Pascal is resumed, they will decide to call Sebastian Stan.

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