This is how two Ticas in the United States face the winter storm

Inhabitants of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, in the United States, face a winter storm with record temperatures and power outages.

These extreme conditions are part of the routine for Stefannie Alfaro and Laura Collins, two Costa Ricans who live in the North American country. They shared their experience with


Stefannie Alfaro is a Limonense who has lived for two years in Arkansas. She has been very lucky to weather this storm.

He explained to us how he had to adapt his home for extreme cold. “We had to adapt the houses, we had to insulate the pipes outside the house and cover the gas meter. In my house I have two heating units, one of them collapsed since the weekend frost, thank God they already fixed it for me, “he explained.

Half of the town where the Tica lives is without electricity. “Here in Arkansas there is no snow, so people were not prepared, I was fortunate enough that I found a power plant, “he said.

The gas service does work, the companies ask citizens not to wash clothes and dishes so as not to collapse the service. According to Alfaro, the only thing that has not collapsed is the Internet service, but there is cable. The light comes and goes.

“Everything is closed, all of Arkansas is closed by state mandate. We haven’t been out of the house since Saturday. I went on Friday, I supplied myself with meat, basic food, water, etc. The governor asked that we have food for at least a week, “he added.

Stefannie has three children, they have been in virtual classes since Wednesday of last week and today they were given the notification that they do not return to class until Monday or further notice.

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For her part, Laura Collins, a Costa Rican who lives in Austin, Texas, pointed out that Schools are closed and there are no online classes because many people do not have Internet or electricity.

“I do have electricity and Internet, but many neighbors are terrible, without water and even without gas,” said Collins.

She has not been to his office for days and does not know when he will return: for the moment, she remains a refugee in her home in Westlake.

Collins provided us with the following statements:

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