Filming crews traveled to Gloucestershire to shoot scenes of the upcoming BBC series starring Silent Witness, McMafia and Les Miserables.

The trial of Christine Keeler, about the famous Profumo case in the 1960s, is mainly shot in Bristol.

But film crews were also sent to Malvern Road in Cheltenham last week and ended Friday.

Filming crews in Cheltenham filming Christine Keeler's trial

A resident told Gloucestershire Live that she lived in Lansdown Crescent, in the city, and that she had seen a large production team at the corner of her road and Malvern Road.

She said: "They built a tray and old-fashioned cars on the set.

"I just went out there and talked to some of the production staff to ask them what they were filming.

"They said it was a new BBC drama about the Profumo scandal, it should come out in November."

Sophie Cookson and James Norton

Inspired by the famous Profumo case in the 1960s, the series follows the young model Christine Keeler – played by Sophie Cookson – who has an affair with the politician John Profumo – interpreted by Ben Miles of The Crown.

Keeler is simultaneously accused of being involved with a Soviet naval officer and is therefore placed at the center of a potential risk to national security.

The case sparked a political crisis in 1963 that severely damaged the government and had tremendous personal repercussions for all involved.

Ben Miles and Emilia Fox

According to the BBC, the six-part series takes a fresh look at one of Britain's most famous reports: the 1960s chain of events, known as the Profumo Affair.

She adds: "Christine Keeler (Cookson), 19, at the center of the storm – a young woman that the powerful and powerful male-dominated establishment sought to silence and exploit, but who refused to abide by her rules .

"Christine Keeler's lawsuit takes us into the headlines to tell a human story about the sexual and cultural politics of one of the most telling and iconic stories of modern times."

The actors of Christine Keeler's trial

Sophie Cookson, pictured, (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Gypsy, Red Joan), directs the cast in the role of Christine Keeler (also pictured).

James Norton (McMafia, War and Peace, Happy Valley) plays Stephen Ward as Cookson.

Ellie Bamber (The Miserables, The Nutcracker and The Four Kingdoms, Nocturnal Animals) is Mandy Rice-Davies.

Ben Miles (The Crown, The Last Post) will play John Profumo and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Delicious) as Valerie Profumo.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Angels in America, Mope) plays Johnny Edgecombe and Anthony Welsh (Journeyman, Black Mirror, Starred Up) plays Aloysius "Lucky" Gordon.

Written by award-winning writer and screenwriter Bafta Amanda Coe (Apple Tree Yard, Hall of Fame, Life in Squares) and directed by Andrea Harkin (Come Home, Clique).

Sophie Cookson said, "I'm delighted to play Christine Keeler in this new drama.

Amanda Coe wrote an illuminating story about a complex, living woman who, it seems, has already been reduced and misunderstood.

Christine Keeler leaving Ariel Hotel, London, after her return from Spain, March 29, 1963. Two weeks ago, she had not testified at the trial of her former boyfriend John Edgecombe.

"It's now the perfect time to reconsider one's life and restore balance."

James Norton said, "I'm excited to be working with the BBC on this fantastic drama.

"I'm really looking forward to playing Stephen Ward alongside this great cast and his team."

Daily Mirror Front Page Thursday, June 6, 1963. PROFUMO QUITS: He lied about Christine to save his family

Piers Wenger, BBC Drama Controller, said, "Actresses who can authentically convey the age and experience of young women at the center of this play have been key to realizing Amanda's vision.

"I am delighted that we have two actresses of such caliber in the roles of Christine and Mandy, and truly talented and complex actors in James and Ben, to play alongside them."

Christine Keeler's trial is a co-production of Scotland Films and Great Meadow for BBC One.

The executive producers are Kate Triggs and Douglas Rae for Scotland Films, Amanda Coe and Lucy Richer for BBC. Rebecca Ferguson will produce.