This is the mobile with which Realme is going to stand up to the Xiaomi Mi 11

We are in the early stages of the year, the best time to learn about high-end mobiles from different manufacturers. And one of the earliest risers, so much so that it was presented in the last week of 2020, was the Xiaomi Mi 11, a phone that this month also arrives in Spain. Without a doubt, due to its characteristics and adjusted price, it will be the mobile to beat, and if there is a manufacturer that could overshadow it in that game of the ratio of benefits and price, it is Realme. Today we have learned precisely what will be the alternative that the Chinese firm will present in a few weeks for the high end, therefore to compete with the Xiaomi Mi 11. Now we know practically everything about it, including its release date.

Realme reveals the name and presentation date of its new top of the range

The Chinese firm today published a tweet on its Spanish networks where we visit the Realme Race, the phone that had been leaking so far for the last few weeks. A terminal that the brand has finally baptized as Realme GT. This has been announced along with an image in which we see the new brand of this range and the message that it will be a flagship of the brand. Now we also know that the new model will be presented on March 4 in China, a country from which it will logically jump to other markets as the X50 Pro already did, and as the brand’s Spanish Twitter account has confirmed.

And we really know a lot about this phone, since the firm itself reminds us that this terminal was internally called “Race” and in recent weeks the characteristics that have been leaking from a new top of the range of the brand have been enough, and directly related to this “Race” model. From him we know that he will have the processor Snapdragon 888, The most powerful among Android phones today, so it will be a direct opponent of the Xiaomi Mi 11 and other top of the range that have and will have this processor.

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We also know that it would have 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal UFS 3.1 storage, like the one its predecessor had. Other leaked features include a 6.81-inch OLED screen and QHD + resolution with a very high refresh rate of 160Hz, which will make your screen even more fluid. Therefore we already know that in just a couple of weeks Realme will present its new top of the range, the main opponent of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 and of so many others that are yet to come. The challenge for Realme now will be to offer a top of the range while maintaining at least the price of the previous generation, which did not reach 600 euros. Soon we will get rid of doubts, and for now what we have known about this terminal points to a very good way and excellent characteristics, we hope that at a very reasonable price.

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