This is the Star Wars hotel at Disney

Meet the best room in the galaxy!

Star Wars Hotel Disney

After years of preparations, the wait came to an end. When you open the Walt Disney World Resort from Florida next summer, visitors will have the chance to experience staying in a space set by the most iconic franchise in movie history. In order to keep moving, the famous park has made all kinds of repairs and thematic arrangements, both in its hotels and in its attractions during its closing months, keeping in mind the phrase “Sometime in 2021”.

Star Wars Hotel Disney

Among all those improvements, this long-awaited space was the first they decided to promote. And we can’t deny it, it looks spectacular. Guests will reportedly be assigned roles and become part of a special tale within the universe of “Star Wars” that takes place during your stay. Fans have been eagerly awaiting what Disney promised it will be an immersive experience that will transport visitors on a journey of surprises. However, the studio had only published concept art of what it might look like. Until today, that the president of the parks, Josh D’Amaro, revealed two photos presenting the interior of the special (and space) rooms.

Star Wars Hotel Disney

It is the second image that exposed the highlight: the “window”, a video screen with a view of the outer galaxy, which will likely remain in motion for the entirety of the trip. There’s also a second one, directly opposite the bed, that appears to display flight navigation information, or maybe it’s just a terrestrial TV.

Would you like to be able to sleep there? Without a doubt, this definitely raises the level of anticipation to visit “Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser”Although it could be a pleasant experience for the heart but painful for the pocket. A two-night / three-day stay (the time it takes for the whole story to unfold) is estimated to cost between $ 1,400 and $ 3,300 per person.

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