This is the weather forecast for Thursday morning in Houston | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

you can check on the pageweb or phone on screenstay close.gasón: a cold front, aour region to the north, butIt will be the system that will startgenerate a possible storm.we will see a great contrastbetween what is currently happeningin houston, which is locatedsusceptible to the development ofstorms, against what I knowfind behind the system,totally dry air that istraveling over our areaand that will leave more conditionsstarting tomorrow.rain to the north, strongwinds, possibility of hail.that will be the prognosis forour region, although thisafternoon time the situationIt is as’s just cloudy overour region, thetemperatures today have beenquite hot.a forecast has been generatedmore prone to the development ofstorms like the one we see inthis long line isrelatively weak incomparison with what i knowfind further north ofour region.was already beginning to approach andit’s going to be moving overwith theft in the near will eventually transitabout this sector.later it will bepassing over the majornorthern part.counties like Montgomery, thesan jacinto area, part ofour city was something ofrain in the next few hours,but quite weak or at leastthat’s what it looks like forour region.the strongest part towards himnorth, liberty area andmaybe by the time we get thereat 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.part of chambers countycould be affected.67 to 65 degrees for tonight.then we will have the trainingfoggy early morning, of the recommendations beforedense fog is to reduce thespeed, have distanceprudent between a vehicle andthen we move on now from theThursday afternoon the situationwill improve.Thursday we expect a

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