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If there is something in which the Xiaomi Mi 11 stands out, it is in its photographic section. A total of three cameras equipped with the latest AI in order to achieve such spectacular night videos as the one we bring you below.

Among the smart functions of the Xiaomi Mi 11 camera we find its mode «Ultra Night Video«. This, by using various algorithms is able to reduce noise and improve brightness, offering better lighting in night captures.

In itself, the Ultra Night Video mode allows you to film in extreme darkness, even below 1 Lux. Thanks to its algorithms for light enhancement and noise reduction in real time, resulting images are lightened automatically, preserving every detail.

As a result, we can obtain videos as surprising as the one we can see on these lines. A sample de what the Xiaomi Mi 11 is capable of recording video in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest.

That if, there is no doubt that also post-editing techniques will have been applied and furthermore, made use of stabilization systems in order to achieve a sharper and more focused image. Similarly, there is no doubt what Xiaomi says … “a movie camera.”

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