This USB Type-C cable from Xiaomi is ultra resistant and one of the best to buy – Xiaomi News

In addition to smartphones, chargers and wireless charging dock, Xiaomi also has its own USB cables. An example of this is the Xiaomi Mi Braided USB Type-C, a USB Type-C cable ultra resistant which becomes one of the best options on the market.

Made in kevlar fiber and wrapped in turn in various aluminum and PTE plastic sheets, this Xiaomi cable becomes one of the most resistant on the market, guaranteeing a longer time than other USB Type-C cables.

In addition, in order to avoid tangles and further protect the inside of the cable, its outer part has a high quality braiding, capable of withstanding extreme forces. Likewise, this will provide an extra protection against stress, preventing it from bending completely and therefore splitting the internal cable.

This Xiaomi USB Type C cable supports any fast charging

But there is not everything, we are before a USB C cable capable of supporting today’s fast charging systems. Thanks to its ability to withstand an intensity of up to 3A, is capable of offering the maximum power to charging systems of 33W or even 50W, all depending on the voltage supplied.

This Xiaomi USB Type-C cable is ultra resistant and one of the best to buy, News Xiaomi Addicts

Internal layers of Xiaomi USB Type C cable.

Definitely, one of the best USB Type C cables that we can currently buy and that we can also buy in AliExpress Plaza for just under 10 euros. A very interesting option if what we are looking for is a cable that lasts a long time and that supports fast charging.

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