This was the grandfather of the AirPods launched by Apple 13 years ago

Apple introduced its first iPhone Bluetooth headphones 13 years ago.

From the moment of its launch the AirPods They became a worldwide phenomenon and although Apple undoubtedly did everything to innovate with these headphones, they are not the first, similar in style, that the firm has launched on the market.

Exactly 13 years ago, Apple introduced a Bluetooth headset for iPhone, which, like the AirPods, responded to a minimalist and attractive design, although with many differences with respect to technical quality.

Much design, poor quality

The wireless headphone proposal for the iPhone was priced at 129 dollars, which at that time corresponded to the same value as similar high-end accessories, but with some shortcomings that today would be unforgivable, such as the absence of an AC wall adapter.

Like everything that characterizes Apple, even the packaging of the headphones for the iPhone had a neat presentation. The case of the headphones was similar to that of the iPhone, before the iPhone 12, now much thinner.

In a post about the new device by appleinsider Back then, this detail did not go unnoticed: “Apple’s presentation skills are becoming so sophisticated that packaging is hard to get rid of.”

Back then, Apple was also kinder to accessories. In addition to headphones, the box contained iPod-style headphone cases and a slim user guide, since the indications for the use of the device did not require much expertise. They were activated by connecting them to the base with the paired iPhone. Everything else was managed with a button on the headset itself, which allowed you to turn them on or off, start, put on hold or end a call.

2 inch long headphones promised a range of 5.5 hours of talk time or 72 hours of standby time before charging. And back then, it was considered quite limited autonomy. According to the same source, the sound quality is very good for the remote caller, but from fair to good for the user.

In general these headphones were considered clearly superior to the original iPhone, although stood out more for their design and portability than for more optimal sound quality compared to other offerings back then.

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