This was the wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

If there is a history of royalty that captures the attention of all the people of the world, it is that of the english monarchy. And that, of course, includes the prince Charles of England, Lady Di Y Camilla Parker Bowles: a controversial trio crisscrossed between passions, hidden loves and mystery.

Although for many years they were seen as “wicked infidels”, in the words of Vanity Fair magazine, the rules of the monarchy allowed the wedding between Carlos and Camilla the April 9, 2005, after a relationship that had many years behind, specifically three decades.

The union took place in the Windsor Town Hall and it consisted of a civil ceremony, followed by a mass officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

One of the main curiosities of the celebration was in the outfits of the bride and groom and the guests. It should be remembered that both the Prince of Wales and Camilla were almost 60 years old when they got married. Also, the wedding had that tinge of “non-traditional storyThat did not lead to a great display of white dresses and floral headdresses.

Camilla Parker Bowles wore a robinson valentine design: a white dress with a “broken” effect, accompanied by a matching silk thread coat. He was not carrying the classic bouquet of flowers, but a purse.

At the time of mass, he chose a change of clothes. She wore a long blue dress with gold embroidery, also designed by Valentine. He accompanied the ensemble with a golden headdress, made by Philip Treacy.

As for the Prince, the choice was somewhat simpler: he opted for a dark coat that he wore in both ceremonies.

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Camilla Parker Bowles: the story behind Prince Charles’s love

It is known that English monarchy is very strict as for the protocols and the qualities that his noble women should have.

This is how Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, is exhibiting it after their controversial separation from royalty and a love story marked by independence and strength.

At the time, Princess Diana was in the focus of criticism, she was judged for her every move and the unhappiness of certain stages of her life was a phenomenon of public knowledge.

Camilla Parker Bowles did not have, according to the norm, the conditions to become a princess, much less a queen.

Parker Bowles escaped many rules: she was not a virgin and she had relationships with other men, especially an intermittent romance of several years with the military man Andrew Parker Bowles.

The backdrops of a love that lasted

Prince Charles was ordered by his uncle to abandon Camilla with the threat that he had been weighing sinisterly on the royal family for decades: the fate of his great-uncle Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor.

After Diana’s deathOn August 31, 1997 in a traffic accident, things changed in the lives and hearts of the lovers and, after Carlos was widowed, they found the opportunity to live his love without obstacles.

However, it took Carlos and Camilla two years, after Lady Di’s death, to show themselves in public. The appearance was at the Ritz Hotel, during Parker Bowles’ sister’s birthday celebration.

Then they moved to Clarence House in 2003. Surprisingly, the English people did not see them as evil villains and left the typical judgments that society in the region usually makes, even despite the deep love they felt for Lady Di and the countless tributes they have paid her.

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Despite the royal constraints, Carlos and Camilla share their lives without so many cameras, criticism or pressure.

It is still unknown what will happen if Prince Charles inherits the throne, and particularly, what will happen to Camilla.


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