This Wednesday it could be defined if Trump returns to Facebook

Trump and the Make America Great Again Committee jointly spent approximately $ 140 million on Facebook ads

CAMPAIGN 2020. President Donald Trump held a rally after midnight at Opa-locka Airport, a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. | Photo: EFE / Giorgio Viera.

This week Donald Trump could return to Facebook, a platform that suspended his account on the grounds that the messages that the former president published on his network contributed to the riots that arose on January 6 in Congress.

After four months off the grid, Trump could return after an independent oversight body linked to the company could lift the suspension on Wednesday, it reported. POLITICO.

If the suspension is lifted, the businessman and his campaign committee would have the green light to start publishing their arguments against the current administration and his possible candidacy for the 2024 elections to more than 32 million followers.

Likewise, if Trump returns to Facebook, important fundraising outlets would be reactivated, giving the former president again greater control over the Republican Party, protecting his network of grassroots donors from potential rivals.

A party strategist said that if his return to Facebook is confirmed, Trump could affect “the other hopefuls of 24.” POLITICO reported that the expert points out that the action could harm everyone with the exception of a few “top-level Republicans with established presences on Facebook and fundraising networks,” so that the rest would find it more difficult to get the money in line “if Trump took advantage of that current again.”

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However, not all members of the Republican Party believe that if the tycoon returns to the platform, he will be able to obtain the majority of donations from grassroots donors. Others believe that this could result in benefactors having to give money to different political groups.

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“Online fundraising has become a growing component of politics in recent cycles. And few politicians have gotten more out of it than Trump, who raised more than $ 378 million in small dollar donations during the 2020 cycle. The 45th president has relied heavily on small donors to drive his campaigns, even as he has promoted their ability to finance themselves », POLITICO review.

It is known that during 2020, Trump and the Make America Great Again Committee jointly spent approximately $ 140 million on Facebook ads, according to data collected by the same company.

“He has the best fundraising list in the Republican Party, but there is half a life in that: people change emails, change text messages, whatever you need to get access to voters through ads. Facebook to keep reaching out to them and activating them to sign petitions and stay on your list, “said Eric Wilson, Republican digital strategist who runs the Startup Caucus.

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