This will be the new design Christmas lighting in Barcelona

  • The proposals chosen by competition will be implemented in 2021 in Plaza de Catalunya, Gran Via and Aragó, as city axes, but the model will be extended in the coming years

  • The city wants to bet on “creativity” so that the ornamentation has a Barcelonan “identity” and adjusts to the long demands of merchants

  • The city council increases the budget by 24% and will illuminate the Ronda de Sant Pere for the first time, at the same time that it will consolidate Via Laietana and Urquinaona, among others

While many Barcelonans unearth their flip flops from the closet this week or hurry up their ‘bikini operation’, the town hall recreates with precision how the Christmas design that he promised a year ago. This Tuesday he presented the virtual images signed by the Antoni Arola Studio, winner of the contest that opens a new stage in the festive lighting of the city, with the challenge of creating its own and identity model, which this 2021 will begin to be implemented in three neuralgic axes (Plaza de Catalunya, Gran Via and Aragó), but in the next few years it will spread like an oil slick. The council thus promotes a change that the commerce of Barcelona He has been claiming for more than five years, and he signs it with a 24% increase in their budgets for Christmas paraphernalia, which in this area will be 2.06 million euros.

The outbreak of covid-19 last year also paralyzed creativity and attempts to innovate and improve the Christmas aspect of the Catalan capital. The Economic Promotion area undertook to implement the qualitative leap the following year, for which it opened a design contest last February. The objective of the change is “to contribute to the recovery of the commercial fabric of the city during the Christmas holidays” and to provide “an image of Barcelona associated with its brand as a design city, which at the same time connects with their values, “explained the first deputy mayor, Jaume Collboni, via telematics for being in quarantine after having been in contact with a positive in covid-19. In short, it is about making the montage that will be a reality from November “becomes a new icon“, according to the city council.

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Consensus with the sector

After working with the trade entities and design professionals, it is intended that the proposals “have visual consistency with the identity of the city” and the needs of the environment. Each montage will be different, but with a comprehensive account of the city and the same aesthetic style. The plaza de Catalunya It becomes ground zero, which for the Estudi Antoni Arola will draw “a gaze of celebration, a point that explodes and makes the city beat.” They add that they hope to represent the square on a “human scale”, gathering its energy. Instead, in Gran Via they want to convey a point of relationship and dialogue with the city, as well as “social comfort”.

They will be the three pillars of the aesthetic turnaround, but there will also be incentives for other points. Thus, for the first time there will be light in the round of St. Peter (from Paseo de Sant Joan to Urquinaona), which joins other recent newcomers, such as Urquinaona square, Via Laietana and Paral·lel, where they will try to renew the ornaments, although still in the more conventional line. Balmes will also be expanded between Diagonal and Ronda Universitat. And they will groom themselves again, as in 2020, the municipal markets. There will also be specific aid for streets framed in the neighborhood plan.

This triple front of innovation, expansion of main roads with electricity and consolidation of others, will mean an increase in the municipal budget for the second year. The 2.06 million (before 1.66) will also include shares in areas affected by long-term works.

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The rest of commercial hubs who annually dress for Christmas parties may choose a double model: either hire their own lights and have the usual subsidies from the council, or let them organize the installation and then pay their part at the end, without having to advance before the expense.

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