This will be the new Ronda Universitat

The consistory will begin the works to transform the Ronda Universitat this same Sunday and plans to finish them in March, with a budget of about 350,000 euros. The intervention will make it possible to gain 1,730 square meters for pedestrians and improve walking and commercial activity in the area. In addition, about 60 pots with trees will be placed, elements unknown in the round so far.

The sidewalks of the Ronda Universitat will be extended with level concrete platforms, so that the mountain side will go from five to eight meters and the sea side, from five to more than seven meters – it will be wider in the part between Plaza Catalunya and Balmes street. The expansion will also serve to relocate the canopies of the bus stops. As for the traffic lanes, it will go from four lanes for cars to two and will maintain two lanes for bus and a cordon of services. This will make the final proportion of the street 50% for pedestrian space and 50% for driveway.

This is how the future Ronda Universitat will look like.

The Barcelona City Council states that currently in the Ronda Universitat there is a disproportion between the space occupied by sidewalks and that used by vehicles, in addition to the fact that the mountain sidewalk is overloaded by the presence of intercity bus stops. This is the criticism that SOS Ronda Universitat has held for a long time, a platform of neighbors and merchants that defends pacifying the street and its surroundings and that he was grateful that the council has echoed his demands with this first transformation.

The council remarks that this action is added to the set of interventions that it is carrying out this November, such as the construction of the bike lanes in the Zona Franca and Calle Aragón or the improvements to the bus lane on Avenida Diagonal and Gran Via. They are added to the first package of emergency interventions that were carried out during the beginning of the pandemic, which allowed adding 30,000 square meters of pedestrian areas with pacifications; 21 new kilometers of bike corridors and 17 actions to improve bus lanes.

Impairments on mobility

The works will begin this Sunday with the preliminary painting works in some sections of the ring road to redistribute the lanes and prepare the section for the works, but the important impact will begin from next Monday. The intervention will be carried out in two phases: first, the one that affects the sea side, until Christmas, and then, the one on the mountain side, which will cause the movement of buses to be moved. It will be carried out mainly during the week and during the day, although some work will also be done on weekends and at night.

At times of maximum impact, the works will involve the occupation of the four traffic lanes, two on each side of the ring road. To guarantee mobility, the width of the current lanes will be redistributed, with the aim of always keeping two traffic lanes and one bus lane in service. While the tasks last, the sidewalks will be partially occupied and when work is done on the mountain side there will be effects on some bus lines.

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