TThis study involved over 120,000 men and women who underwent colonoscopy – the primary test used to detect bowel cancer – at all screening service providers in England.

He examined cancer rates among those who were diagnosed at least six months after being cleared.

The study revealed an overall improvement between 2005 and 2013. In 2005, 9% of cases diagnosed with bowel cancer had suffered a negative result during a colonoscopy between six months and six months. three years ago, which means that they could potentially have been diagnosed much sooner.

In 2013, this figure was 6.5%.

If the previous figure matched the later standard, 3,900 cases of intestinal cancer would have been detected earlier, or even avoided, over the nine-year period, researchers said.

Even at present, some providers have rates of "colorectal cancers post-colonoscopy" three times higher than those of others, the study revealed.