Thousands without power, winter weather delays vaccine distribution

North Carolina, Raleigh-
Winter weather across the country this week led to delays in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines from manufacturers to North Carolina health departments and suppliers.

In North Carolina, the Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) maintains contact with the CDC and providers to provide more information on when the medications will arrive and thus reschedule pending appointments.

“The delays in the delivery of vaccines from the federal government are frustrating for everyone, but providers are working to schedule appointments and we are pushing for more vaccines to come to our state,” Governor Roy Cooper said Thursday.

So far, the state has administered at least two million doses of the vaccine.

Storm hits north and west

On the other hand, the utilities of North Carolina registered at 5:30 pm this Thursday about 5,000 power outages throughout the state due to the impact of the ice storm.

The affectation occurs mainly in the northern and western counties of the state.

The cuts are produced as a result of the accumulation of ice that -in turn- causes the fall of trees and power lines.

From Governor Cooper’s office it was reported that Public Services teams are working to restore power as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that Cooper declared a state of emergency on Wednesday and granted transportation exemptions to accelerate the restoration of energy.

In addition, it authorized the activation of up to 40 members of the National Guard to help with the removal of fallen trees and debris.


The director of Emergency Management, Mike Sprayberry, asked citizens to avoid calling 911 to report power outages.

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The ideal, according to the expert, is to call the utility companies directly.

On the other hand, he was emphatic in recommending that generators or gas grills not be used inside the house or garage as this can result in a build-up of deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

The next few hours

According to forecasts, temperatures will drop below zero this Thursday night and Friday morning.

Persistent moisture will re-freeze, causing very dangerous road conditions.

An improvement in conditions is expected this Friday, as temperatures will rise above freezing throughout North Carolina.

The threat of flash floods will increase in the eastern half of the state due to periods of moderate to heavy rain that would occur this Thursday night.

River levels continue to rise, with the Tar River in Greenville, and the Lumer River in Lumberton, expected to reach the flood point.

For more information on flooding, you can visit this site.

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