Threat of a no-deal Brexit continues to darken its future

The threat of a no-deal Brexit continues to cast a shadow over its future. The Brexit parties trade accusations about the stagnation and complexity of the process.

There are just over ten weeks until January 1. Date when the transition period ends, the political and economic materialization of Brexit. However, the parties still cannot find a solution to one of the most difficult puzzles: their future business relationship.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not cut himself short and did not rule out the no-deal scenario. The premier’s statements made the stock markets totter, both in the United Kingdom, and in other countries of the community bloc.

Johnson, however, did not rule out the continuation of the negotiations, as did the senior officials of the European Union. The dialogues continue. Although not at any price.

While London claims to be defending its sovereignty and rights, Europeans reiterate that it was the British who decided to leave the Union and it is they who must strive to get what they want.

The European Union affirms that the decision that the British made to leave the bloc after several decades, although sad, is sovereign for the United Kingdom. Contrast, however, that this does not mean that the rest of Europeans have to sacrifice their rights and benefits to please the British prime minister or his supporters.

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