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An attractive way to commemorate Blizzard’s 30 years of existence.

Blizzard in the 90’s was a small company that released some titles that several of its most staunch fans remember fondly. Now, we can relive some of those games in modern times.

Within BlizzConline, the company announced Blizzard Arcade Collection, a compilation that will include three classic titles from the early days of the study. These will be The Lost Vikings (1992), Rock N Roll Racing (1993), Y Blackthorne (1994).

These titles can be played with their original and final versions. In addition, they will be translated into twelve languages ​​(Spanish included). They will also have other functions such as save game at any time, filters to simulate CRT monitors, 16: 9 format and more.

Apart from this, there will be other extras for certain titles, such as an in-game map for Blackthorne and a mode for four players in Rock N Roll Racing. Finally, the compilation will have a museum with music, art and other additional additions that will evoke nostalgia.

Blizzard Arcade Collection will bring back old memories for all those who lived through the early years of the company. The compilation is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. However, if you purchased an anniversary edition on, you will receive this title for free.

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