Shocking moment three laughing villains dragged a defenseless pensioner into the ground before packing her tablet in a cruel daylight attack. Cowards collapsed on a seventy-year-old woman in Birmingham street. Yobs saw smuggling and laughing at CCTV shortly after the shocking robbery Police chases three men & # 39; scum & # 39; branded by furious users of social media

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08:30 EST, January 14, 2019

8:31 am EST, January 14, 2019

This is the shocking moment that three criminals dragged a retiree to the ground and took her tablet. The cowardly yobs threw themselves at their defenseless victim, aged 70, when she walked along a sidewalk in Birmingham at 2:40 pm on December 28th. A man with a hood pulls her to the ground before they take a tablet from her hands and flee when the nauseating theft is caught on the camera. When they are hunting the perpetrators, the West Midlands police have released the images today after the offenders had escaped through a nearby parking garage. Furious users of social media reacted indignantly to the clip after it surfaced online. Joyce Daniels wrote: "What a cowardly forest life in the pond are these three."

This is the moment when the criminals took the pensioner's tablet after she had taken her to the floor in the West Midlands.

The three men were spotted grilling and laughing at CCTV footage after attacking a retiree on the sidewalk in Birmingham. Maxine Preston said: Wal Disgusting low life, terrifying times! & # 39; Angie Bennett added: & # 39; How they sleep & # 39; at night !? Vile & # 39; while Deb Hanrahan described them as & # 39; Absolutely scum. & Annie Dempster said: & # 39; How awful. That poor woman. Just like rat packages. Hope that they catch them. So damn nauseous. I hope the poor woman is okay. Their grinning, smiling faces were later captured as they walked through a street after the shameless attack, which the pensioner happily left behind unharmed. A West Midlands police spokesman asks someone who recognizes the men to contact the force.

One of the group fights on the pensioner before she pulls her to the floor and runs away with her tablet

The yob puts his arms around the victim and pulls her to the ground in a nauseating attack on CCTV We want to talk to them about a robbery of a woman in her early 70's who took place in Saltley on Friday, December 28 . around 2.40 pm, & # 39; he said. & # 39; The woman walked along the road when a group of three men approached her. One of the men ran to her, grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. One of the other men helped her when her attacker pulled a tablet from her hand, before the three were running down the road, the car over park and in Alum Rock Road. & # 39; If you know who they are , please contact us via Live Chat on between 8:00 am and midnight, call 101 at any time or contact Crimestoppers anonymous on 0800 555 111. Mention 20BE / 302394U / 18 . & # 39;

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