At the end of last season, there was optimism in Manchester United, although the team could not qualify for the Champions League.

With a new manager and a new philosophy, the start of pre-season training marked the beginning of the supposedly long journey from United to the top.

Solskjaer had talked about things he wanted to change before he flew to Australia, including improving the team's fitness. However, on this tour, there was more to improve than the physical levels of the players. The list was long, and although the Norwegian has solved some of the problems, many are still open – which is why United is in a difficult position.

New problems have arisen since the launch of the new campaign, but there are three issues that Solskjaer has had to solve since his appointment.


The failure in midfield this summer is still confusing. With the departure of Marouane Fellaini and Ander Herrera, Solskjaer knew he would run short in the middle if they did not recruit, and they did not. These were not departures that crept into the club. Fellaini left in January and it was long known that Herrera would not commit to a new deal.

Even without the departure of two main players of the first team Solskjaer had probably grow in the middle, because the team has not been creative enough for some time.

Counterattacks are still the best way for United to score, as the team does not have the imagination to crush teams and create opportunities. Pogba is United's best creative option, moving on to the next question that Solskjaer has yet to solve.

Paul Pogba

The tour was about whether the French international would actually appear for the flight to Perth or not. He did so and club sources said he had a positive impact on the camp during the three-week journey.

While the discussion about Pogba's future has taken a back seat for the time being, the midfielder is still a problem for Solskjaer. The 26-year-old is United's best player at the time, but it's about getting the most out of him.

It is not a problem that stops at Solskjaer. Mourinho was fighting too. In some games, there is a hint of Pogba's world-class skill, but so far this season, as has been the case since his return to the club, he has not yet provided high-quality game to game performance. Injuries have meant that this campaign has not been a problem for the French international, but once he is back in shape, Solskjaer must work to get the most out of his star-man.

Because he will be in shape of the one who makes the difference for United.

Attack / right wing

After United's 4-0 win over Chelsea on the opening weekend of the new season, Solskjaer seemed to have solved United's previous problems. In the preseason, the system was optimized and it looked as if they had managed to agree with Anthony Martial, the leading man, on a liquid font.

However, since then, United have scored no more than one goal per league game, scoring just five goals in seven games. It could be argued that things were bad for Solskjær's side as Martial's injury was accompanied by a poor form for Marcus Rashford.

However, there are other issues with United's attack that go further than the question of whether or not Martial is fit.

The right wing has been a problem in the club for years, and there was a suggestion when Daniel James arrived that he could be the solution, provided he is versatile and wants to make an impact. But on the left he is much better. In the current squad there seems to be no solution, Andreas Pereira, who was recently used there, is definitely not a solution.

Until United recruits someone who can act effectively on the right side, the manager must find a solution