Three quick ways to prepare your Christmas party

Three quick ways to prepare your Christmas party

You have sorted your dress but you did not have much time left to think about your hair – no problem. You do not have to tongues, stylize and spray for hours to get a festive look.

There are quick and easy ways to style your locks while still looking as if you have been slipping out of the salon.

This way you can choose your perfect style based on how much time you have to prepare …

If you have: 15 minutes

Deceive a polished pony with a noose on the go

* Spritz towel dry hair with a heat protection styler (we love Percy & Reed The Perfect Blow Makeover Spray, £ 12.50) and then turn your hair upside down and dry completely – & # 39; the key for speed is to keep the hair dryer at a high fire, & # 39; Says Michael. Pull your hair back into a low fringe and tie with a hair band.