Adam Forshaw has started both championship games in Leeds this season and his performances have already caught the eye.

Ex Leeds player Noel Whelan believes that Marcelo Bielsa has a significant improvement in his game and there are indications that he is right.

Forshaw had a difficult season last season as he was injured on the team and only had 19 starts.

However, this season is a new opportunity to demonstrate its importance to the team. Here are three reasons why Whelan is right in his assessment of the midfielder.

He has kept the midfield of Leeds going

So far, Forshaw has made a remarkable 50 passes per game this season, which is a considerable effort given the adversary Leeds played.

He fits so well with Bielsa and has so far shown that he can make that connection between midfield and attack, and his serenity in the last third is extraordinary.

He is the ideal partner to play with Mateusz Klich and Kalvin Phillips, as he ensures a balance between the two and will always be an option in the transition when Leeds is back in possession.

This makes him an indispensable counter-attack and a brilliant asset for Leeds when he is under pressure and an important component in his ball possession game.

Forshaw are offensive compared to last season

Forshaw was more ambitious on the ball and without. In the first 20-minute game against Bristol City, he had played a wonderful ball over the top to get Patrick Bamford through, and thanks to his high pressure he had another chance for the striker after a mistake by Daniel Bentley.

He also often found Barry Douglas on the left with long balls, indicating that he was not limited to playing safe passes to make sure he did not give the ball away.

The 27-year-old has also joined the attack, which poses an additional threat to the box and another target for his teammates, Whelan noted.

If he gets more into the box and adds goals to his game, he'll become a brilliant player for Leeds and one who could make the difference to reaching the automatic places.

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The defensive side of his game has improved

Kalvin Phillips is known as a midfielder, but Forshaw is clearly learning from his midfield partner and stepping up his game in that section.

This has been reflected in the number of his duels this season and in the attacks he has contributed to the collapse.

His statistics do not reflect the amount of distress and pressure he has experienced in a game, but he has done a lot in both of his games and was responsible, along with Phillips, for preventing his opponent from getting close to the defense – mainly.

In the match against Forest, he was able to keep an eye on Alfa Semedo and severely limit his threat, which will make Leeds very happy if he continues to do so.

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