Three special features of the Xiaomi Mi 11 global version

Today we bring you three characteristics specials from Xiaomi Mi 11 in your version global that you may not have noticed during the performance. The global version The Mi 11 smartphone was recently introduced. During this event we learned about European prices and also that the version with 12 GB of RAM will not arrive in Europe.

Three special features of the global version of the Xiaomi Mi 11

As a reminder, the Mi 11 is currently the manufacturer’s most equipped and premium model. It is powered by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is complemented by 8 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Global vs Chinese Version

It has a great 120 Hz QHD + display, a camera of 108 megapixels Y fast charge with a power of up 55 W. The wireless charging has a power of up to 50 W and there is also reverse wireless charging.

The drums has a capacity of 4600 mAh and guarantees sufficient resistance. The operating system is the latest Android 11. The manufacturer has made it even better with the popular user customization layer MIUI in version 12, under Android. That is reworked to the smallest detail. But there are things you may not even know!

Bluetooth 5.2 and its new functions

Xiaomi Mi 11 hides three peculiarities. For example, one of them is Bluetooth in version 5.2. This is the latest standard that, among other things, Supports connecting two wireless headphones or speakers at the same time.

It is a feature that many have asked for. If you now want to listen to a song with a friend on two pairs of headphones from a smartphone, you can do it with the Mi 11.

Xiaomi Mi 11 with integrated in-screen heart rate sensor

Measure your heart rate even without a smartwatch

The fingerprint sensor, which is on the screen. In addition to the quick unlocking of the smartphone, it hides another peculiarity. Can measure your heart rate, just place your finger on it.

If for some reason you are not a fan of smart watches, but would like to measure your heart rate, now you can do it without them. All you need is the new Xiaomi Mi 11.

Hollywood Effects on Xiaomi Mi 11

The latest of innovations less known refers to the camera. The manufacturer has added a new cinematic effects system called One-Click AI Cinema.

There are more new effects, like modo Magic Zoom, which uses artificial intelligence to achieve a effect as in the hollywood movies. At least that’s what Xiaomi says.

Xiaomi Mi 11 includes special BlinkAI technology for night video

Fuente: XiaomiPlanet

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