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Atlanta Hawks arrives in the city of Boston in a difficult situation within his season, adding four consecutive losses and eight in the last 10 games with the aim of beating the Celtics. The green team was reunited with its best version against the Denver Nuggets to inject an extra motivation to a group that is feeling excessively the low of Marcus Smart. A meeting where Kemba Walker will not be due to load management on his left knee. Golden opportunity to see a new duel between Trae Young and Jayson Tatum, two figures to consider for the next All-Star.

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The match, which will start at 6:30 p.m. from CDMX and 9:30 p.m. from Argentina, can be followed by NBA TV in Latin America. On the other hand, it will be broadcast by NBA League Pass, the official streaming platform of the league, to which you can subscribe here.

1 – Boston, in search of consistency

The return of the Celtics to their city after a negative tour of the West did not seem to serve as a revulsion to Brad Stevens’ men who hit bottom against the Washington Wizards last Sunday. Nevertheless, a couple of days off and with practical sessions they allowed the greens to rearm and find their best version, bending the powerful Denver Nuggets to return to a positive balance.

The situation in the team has not maintained a positive dynamic since Marcus Smart injured his left calf against the Lakers, a sensitive loss that has affected the strength of the group as well as the rotations, leaving a newcomer Kemba Walker in a awkward position. To this must be added the problems in left knee that Jaylen Brown treasures and that forced him to rest. As a result, a greater contribution from Jayson Tatum has been necessary, which has the consequences of having passed COVID-19 as recently revealed, and whose percentages have plummeted to 34.5% in field shots and 25% in triples.

For these reasons, these two games in Boston must serve as a springboard from which the Celtics regain their most stable version, channeling the performance of the group that allows them to stop being the seventh worst attack in the last 5 games.

2 – Key Moment for Hawks

It is not being an easy season for any team in the NBA due to the restrictions and the sanitary protocol of the league, but especially for those teams to which this situation is added an injury climate. The Hawks have not been able to count on all their troops practically at any time during the season, having to solve the different absences on the fly. First it was Kris Dunn, later Rajon Rondo, followed by Danilo Gallinari and finally Bogdan Bogdanovic and De’Andre Hunter. In other words, heThe main signings made by the franchise in the past off season They have not shared the pitch or had the necessary continuity.

This has resulted in a performance far from expectations placed on the Georgia team, which is expected to reach the Playoffs for the first time since 2017 when the previous project was finalized. In this way, Lloyd Pierce’s are not only not meeting the objective, but they have not shown signs of improvement despite the return of different pieces throughout the weeks. In fact, of the last 10 games played the Hawks have only managed 2 victories and they have already added 4 consecutive defeats.

For this reason, the game in Boston is presented as crucial since a defeat could significantly distance him not from the Playoffs zone, but from the Play-In zone, now in the hands of the Miami Heat with those who are tied with 11-16 mark . Atlanta needs an extra of figures like Gallinari who barely exceeded 12.6 points with 41% in field goals or Cam Reddish with 11.4 points and 39% accuracy. A difficult moment for the Hawks, who will not be given a break on the schedule, having to face the Celtics again and then fly to Atlanta and play against the Nuggets.

3 – All-Stars Duel

Although far from being at the best level of his entire career after seeing them in recent weeks, Trae Young and Jayson Tatum remain two of the most talented young players in the entire Eastern Conference. Genuine with the ball in their hands and always in constant evolution, both have regressed in their offensive contribution recently. With 23.2 points and 36% in field goals for Young and only 20 points on average for Tatum with the aforementioned percentages, this head-to-head seems the perfect opportunity for the two to redeem each other.

All this with the creation of the All-Star teams on the horizon since this Tuesday the popular vote to designate the headlines concluded, now that question goes to the hands of the press and the league players, who will contribute their opinion to the respect. Although one of the two is not finally among the 5 of the East, It is easy to think that both stars are even among the alternates, especially considering that the two debuted last year and come with good individual averages throughout the season.

Since Young’s arrival in the league in 2018, he has not managed to beat Tatum’s Celtics in any of the 6 games in which they have faced each other, where the green defense has managed to leave him at 19.6 points and 41%. of success. Will Trae manage to break his losing streak or will the Boston forward hold the duel at bay?

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