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Fourteen-day garbage collections are to remain for the time being

Plans to introduce a three-week collection of non-recyclable waste from black waste were discontinued due to "concerns" from households.

The Central Bedfordshire Council surveyed residents on possible changes aimed at saving £ 2 million and promoting recycling.

It also rejected the idea of ​​asking 40 pounds per household for a fortnightly collection of garden waste all year round.

It could also introduce a separate collection of glass and weekly food waste.

Conservative councilor Budge Wells, deputy executive member of community services, said food waste and glass collections will be introduced "as soon as we can, when the new contract is in place by the end of next year".

He said, "The collection of garden waste was the least popular option, so we are not introducing it.

"Regarding the three-week Black-Bin collections, we know that the residents were worried about how they would handle it."

He said they are still striving for a three-week collection but want to help residents "recycle as much as possible".

Once the amount of "non-recyclable" residual waste has declined, the Council would introduce the less frequent collection.

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The council plans to introduce weekly food waste collections and glass collections for everyone

The collection of non-recyclable waste that is disposed of in black containers will initially take place every two weeks.

Garden waste, which is stored in green containers or green boxes, depending on the place of residence, also stays fortnight free of charge.

The "dry" recycling, which depending on where you live in a black container with green or orange lid, remains free for 14 days.

A weekly collection of food waste could be approved for the south of the district, while the glass collection throughout the district could be approved for launch later.

There were more than 15,000 responses to the Council's consultation, which lasted two months at the beginning of this year.

The Central Bedfordshire Council Executive Committee will discuss the future of curbside collections on May 10th.