Three women emerge as & # 39; Attack Victims & # 39; from Levi Bellfield after watching ITV drama Manhunt about serial killer who murders Milly Dowler martin Clunes meets detective Colin Sutton who led investigation into murder Manhunt, who ends tonight on ITV, shows how he has captured Levi Bellfield Three women have contacted DCI Sutton to claim that Bellfield had attacked them. He said: "I am not surprised. We simply do not know the limits that are abusive & # 39; By

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02:38 EST, January 8, 2019

2:50 EST, January 8, 2019

ITV & # 39; s new drama starring Martin Clunes as the detective who captured the pedophile killer Levi Bellfield, has inspired more women to come forward as victims, as was revealed today. In the three-part series Manhunt, which ends tonight, star, 57, Scotland Yard & # 39; s DCI Colin Sutton, who conducted the investigations into the London murders of the monster. It tells the true story of how DCI Sutton committed the murder of Amelie Delagrange in 2004, the murder of Marsha McDonnell in 2003 and the kidnapping and murder of Milly Dowler in 2002. Mr. Sutton, who has since retired, revealed that since Sunday's show began, three women contacted him to claim that Bellfield had sexually abused them.

The ITV drama Manhunt rereads events in the run-up to the arrest of the serial killer and marks Martin Clunes as detective Colin Sutton, who has inspired other women to come forward

Amelie Delagrange (left) was murdered on the night of 19 to 19 August 2004 while Marsha McDonnell, aged 19, (right) died of head wounds in Hampton on 4 February 2003, meters from her house after getting off a bus. He said: "I have three ladies who have come forward through Twitter to say" I was attacked by Levi Bellfield and I never reported this to the police "and I made contact with them and I will have less pressure tomorrow have made arrangements to talk to those who want to be spoken and try to help them.

Serial killer Levi Bellfield was eventually accused and convicted of the murders of Marsha McDonnell, Milly Dowler and Amelie Delagrange. He told ITV News: & # 39; It is not a complete surprise, to be honest. I have been involved in documentaries about Bellfield before and had the same effect. We just do not know what the limits of insulting this man were. Bellfield was convicted in 2008 for the killings of Marsha McDonnell and Amélie Delagrange and the attempted killing of Kate Sheedy. In 2011, Bellfield was found guilty of the murder of Milly Dowler and is one of around 50 British prisoners serving a life sentence, meaning he will never be released. It turned out last week that he was part of a pedophile gang that harassed more than 17 children in health care, according to a recommendation from the Council. .Scotland Yard studies the report exposing connections between the serial killer and six men accused of taking care of children aged 13 and over. These men have never provided for justice and remain a serious threat to children, the report of a respected social worker claims.

Top Detective Colin Sutton tells how he defeated Milly Dowler's evil psychopathic killer. Bellfield was said to have been a member of a children's ring in Rotherham in Hanwell, West London, who teased the victims from two children's homes. Are & # 39; employees & # 39 ;, reportedly the Bellfield flat as & # 39; rape room & # 39; were never caught. A six-month home police and child survey has identified at least 17 potential victims aged 13 to 16, including a girl who told police she was attacked at Bellfield's home at the age of 14, just days after he killed Amelie Delagrange in 2004. Like the victims in the Rotherham and Rochdale scandals, most of the girls involved were white, British and vulnerable, and in many cases they were in care. The gang would include Asian and white sex offenders, some of whom had met Bellfield's clamps with wheel clamps and bouncer work. The file with the name of a gang of seven people, including Bellfield and two other convicted pedophiles, was compiled by Debbie Weissang when she was the manager for sexual exploitation of children on the council of Hillingdon in West London. Her report with claims about sexual abuse of children from 2000 to 2017 was reviewed by the head of the Hillingdon Council. protection in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police. "I am deeply concerned that there is still a risk for children in the community and online from Bellfield's employees," Miss Weissang wrote.

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