Thug knocked out man who drank with his sister because “he didn’t want a stranger in the pub”

One man was left with a broken jaw and a 16-inch long cut in the back after an unprovoked pub attack.

Paul Dyer was having a drink with his sister and partner at The Coracle Pub in Penlan, Swansea, and had gone for a cigarette when the assault occurred.

He was struck by an unknown man and knocked half-consciously after falling to the ground.

Several women in the smoking area helped stop the assault.

As he returned to the pub, he was again attacked by a second man named Gareth Huxtable, who hit him on the ground and then repeatedly hit him.

CCTV showed that Huxtable was expelled from the pub by a number of people inside, but managed to get back in and throw another punch, but that missed Mr. Dyer.

A courtroom heard that Paul was unconscious on the floor for three minutes before a number of people helped him lift it, Wales Online reported.

He suffered a 40 cm cut in the back and a jaw injury, which required the insertion of three metal plates.

Gareth Richard Huxtable was sentenced to five years in prison, with an extension of three years

Police arrested Huxtable from Penlan for the assault on January 16.

A personal statement from the victim was read on behalf of Paul by prosecutor Tom Scapens, which reads: “Due to the injuries that I did not suffer through my fault, I will be out of work for an unknown period of time.

“I will have no income and I will not be able to pay my bills.

“This caused me great stress and affected my mental health. It made me watch out for everyone I don’t know.

“I am very sore, I struggle to drink, I cannot eat solid food. This will have a great impact on my life and my wounds will not heal overnight.”

Huxtable appeared at Swansea Crown Court after pleading guilty to making a serious mistake and attempting serious physical harm.

The court heard that Huxtable has 17 previous convictions for 55 crimes, dating back to 1998.

Mitigating, his lawyer Jon Tarrant said to the court: “He has been very sincere about his actions and behaviors and accepts that his way of dealing with situations is inappropriate.

“He speaks eloquently and is held in high regard by those who know and take care of his family.

“If you met Mr. Huxtable, you wouldn’t think he was capable of what he was on CCTV. He is completely ashamed of what he did.

“He understands he has a flash point and is very significant in what he does. He understands he has a problem.”

Judge Paul Thomas said to Huxtable, “You gave Mr. Dyer a ferocious and unprovoked beating. You punched him hard and kicked him repeatedly on the head and face. It was a ruthless attempt to cause him very serious injuries. .

“Worse still, he was in a crowded and crowded pub. I suspect there was a great deal of not wanting a stranger in the pub.

“It cannot be said with certainty that you were responsible for the double broken jaw since at the moment the victim was already seriously injured.

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“Others pushed you out of the pub but your anger was so strong that you came back, threw another punch and missed it.

“It wasn’t a threat to you, but you came from the bar and punched someone else to join him.

“This will impact him financially and psychologically.”

A five-year prison sentence was imposed in Huxtable with a three-year extension.


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