thus the epidemic in Mexico

The picture did not look good a fortnight ago when, due to the epidemiological traffic light due to COVID, ten states in Mexico returned to the maximum state of alert. Just two weeks later the news seems flattering; now there are only two states left on red light: Guanajuato and Guerrero.

In fact, now only Mexico City and the State of Mexico have more than 70% hospital occupancy; meanwhile, 23 states have less than 50% occupancy.

Regarding traffic light colors, Guanajuato and Guerrero aside, the states in orange traffic light son:

  1. Baja California Sur
  2. New Lion
  3. Coahuila
  4. Zacatecas
  5. San Luis Potosi
  6. Nayarit
  7. Michoacan
  8. Colima
  9. Aguascalientes
  10. Hidalgo
  11. Tlaxcala
  12. Mexico state
  13. Queretaro
  14. Mexico City
  15. Veracruz
  16. Puebla
  17. Jalisco
  18. Oaxaca
  19. Yucatan
  20. Quintana Roo
  21. Morelos
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states in yellow traffic light son:

  1. Baja California
  2. Sonora
  3. Chihuahua
  4. Tamaulipas
  5. Sinaloa
  6. Durango
  7. Tabasco
  8. Campeche

Finally Chiapas returns to green traffic light.

Finally, the states in orange color at risk of turning red are Baja California Sur, Nuevo León, Hidalgo, Mexico City, Morelos, Aguascalientes, Querétaro and Colima.

The new epidemiological traffic light is in force from February 15. In the same conference, it was specified that there is an advance in the registration of adults over 32% for which it will be the next phase in the vaccination against COVID-19 in Mexico, which will begin next week as confirmed by the president López Obrador.

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