Tim Cook reveals the possibility of an Apple Car

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The Apple brand has long been associated with rumors that an autonomous car, the Apple Car, is being made. Recently, Apple boss Tim Cook hinted at the same thing during an interview on the “Sway” Kara Swisher podcast. Although he agreed to talk about his admiration for autonomous cars and his idea behind it, Cook was careful not to reveal too much and managed to avoid questions that openly asked him if Apple was in the plan of producing a car.

Tim Cook talks autonomous technology and gives clues about the Apple Car

‘An autonomous car is a robot. Therefore, there are many things you can do independently. And we’ll see what Apple does, ”Cook said, expressing his admiration for self-driving cars. “We love integrating hardware, software and services and finding the intersection points of them because we believe that is where the magic happens. And we love owning the core technology that surrounds it. “

Judging from what he said, Apple seems to be more interested in the idea of ​​building an autonomous driving technology platform than in building a car. That said, it is true that the company has always leaned much more towards manufacturing. It would not be surprising to find out that Apple’s car would be manufactured by its in-house engineers.

Rumores del Apple Car

Earlier this year, strong rumors circulated that Apple was in talks with Japan-based Nissan and South Korea-based Hyundai and Kia to build the Apple Car. According to sources close to Apple, the company wants to work with a manufacturer. of automobiles that allows them to maintain the equipment in each software and hardware that will be used in the manufacture of the automobile. But the deal finally fell apart in February and everything was back to square one. At this point, it’s hard to know when Apple’s car will come out or what it will look like, but it looks like the car will take on Musk’s Tesla.

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