Tim Cook says Apple is working on something that will be even bigger than the iPhone

In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed that products like the Apple Watch will help Apple’s health and wellness ambitions exceed what the company has done so far with the iPhone.

Cook says the company continues to receive letters from people who say the Apple Watch has saved their lives.
Products and offerings like Apple Watch and Apple Fitness + are encouraging people to improve their health, targeting lifestyle changes of a kind the iPhone never made to the same degree.

Most people would have no trouble identifying Apple’s most successful products, with a range of possible answers spanning everything from iPhones and iPads to Macs, Apple Watch, and more. In fact, Apple is an incredibly successful hardware company constantly updating its popular consumer tech lineup, so the rumors have already started piling up long before the launch of the iPhone 13 series that is still months away.

Along those lines, we noticed earlier this week how the next-gen iPhone is currently tipped to include a smaller notch this time around, as well as various display and camera enhancements, as well as supporting 120Hz refresh rates and a display. always on. to that of the Apple Watch.
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The iPhone undoubtedly generates a large chunk of Apple’s profits and is the product most closely associated with the Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant in popular consciousness. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been insisting to anyone who will listen for a while that Apple is working on something that will far surpass the iPhone in terms of importance to the company.
Stop and think about that for a moment. Less than a month ago, Apple had a monstrous quarterly performance, generating more than $ 100 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time, in part thanks to iPhone revenue surging 17% year-over-year (jumping to $ 65.6 billion). , topping an estimate of $ 59.8 billion).
In terms of where the iPhone will go next, a new patent suggests that Apple is studying technology to allow a phone screen with a default 60Hz refresh rate to run at up to 240Hz. This is an indication that Apple might be working on devices that could support adaptive refresh rate displays, similar to Android phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Meanwhile, Apple’s exclusive device is so ubiquitous that the Time magazine cover photo of footballer Marcus Rashford was taken with an iPhone:

All that said, here’s what Cook wants everyone to realize about Apple’s future and long-term legacy:
The iPhone is pretty and all, but it will actually be in the health and wellness realm where you think Apple will make an even bigger footprint, thanks in part to products like the Apple Watch. Which, on the one hand, remains the subject of story after story about how he’s saved the wearer’s life – recent examples including a Georgia man with blood clots saying the watch saved his life, and a broker who received an Apple Watch. as an anniversary gift that ended up alerting him to heart problems that he didn’t know he had.

In an interview with Outside Magazine, Cook diverted the conversation at one point from the obvious products that have helped Apple become the most valuable company on the planet and redirected the conversation toward Apple’s health-related ambitions.
“I really believe,” Cook said, “that if you step back into the future and then look back and ask, ‘What has been Apple’s biggest contribution?’, It will be in the area of ​​health and wellness.”
During the interview, Cook mentioned letters he received from Apple users who credit the Apple Watch for saving their lives. He also spoke about the watch’s ability to track health metrics and share data with researchers, something that was done by around 400,000 Apple Watch users, who participated in a Stanford study that sought to determine whether wearable devices can identify suggestive irregular heart rhythms. atrial fibrillation.
What this all means, Cook continued, is that the Apple Watch can also “democratize research by having much larger groups that can participate.” In other words, it will certainly be interesting to see Apple continue to move towards Cook’s goal of making the health and wellness approach Apple’s most important legacy. That’s something that will also be helped by new products and offers like Apple Fitness +, an exercise subscription program that can be linked directly to your Apple Watch, with new workouts visible on whatever screen you’re viewing it on.
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