Tips for getting the most out of Disney +

Disney+ It is already available in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, and if you have already hired it or are undecided about paying the subscription, here are some ways to take advantage of it so that you can make the most of it or encourage you to hire it.

Trial period

Let’s start with the free sample, and it is that although services like Netflix no longer include the famous trial month, Disney does offer a trial period of the service, but it is not for a month, but for 7 days, so yes You are not sure if it is worth the investment, when you create your account it allows you to subscribe only for 1 week and then you will have to pay.

Another thing that we cannot ignore is that in Mexico Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago users can get up to 6 months of free Disney + service depending on the level of Mercado Points they have, so before hiring check your Mercado Pago application to review the benefits they have for purchases made on the platform and in services that accept Mercado Pago.

Annual plan

Disney + only offers 2 hiring options, monthly for 159 pesos, or annually for 1,599. My recommendation is that if the catalog has convinced them to subscribe to the annual plan, because they are giving them 2 months of service. And if right now they advanced the bonus for the Good End or you have some savings, it is more worth paying all year.

Another option is to wait for the Christmas bonus to make the annual contract, but if you don’t have much money and you don’t want to wait either, there is the classic option of getting together with friends or family to pay for a membership together, because so far Disney has not mentioned being in against users sharing their accounts with other people, although ideally you should only do so with users or relatives who live in the same house as you.

Create Profiles

Speaking of sharing Disney +, the same service account can have up to 7 different profiles, so you could share the price of the subscription with 6 other people and pool for the annual or monthly payment.

To create a profile, just open the application and select your avatar at the bottom right of the screen, there you will find an option that says “Edit profiles”, and also the option to add a new user with the + sign. Now you just have to enter the name and select one of the iconic characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars or any other company company so that your profile is ready.


Fortunately for all users in Latin America, the GroupWatch function is already available on Disney +, which means that you will be able to watch content with friends or family from a distance as it already happens on other platforms.

To create a room in GroupWatch it can only be done from the app for Android, iOS or the web version, and for this you just have to select the movie or series you want to see and then click on the icon that has several little people.

This will be enough to create the room, so you must share the link with the users who are going to come with you to see the film, but consider that it is only possible to have a maximum of 7 users per room, and each of them must have a subscription to Disney + or be in the trial period.

For now, we have only been able to create the room successfully in the web version, because, although it is possible to do it on mobile devices, sometimes we get an error message.

Data saving

If you are going to watch your series and movies from public transport you have 2 options, download the contents at home with your Wifi network to watch them on your cell phone without an Internet connection, or lower the video quality to save as much data as possible possible.

If you want to download content, you just have to press the down arrow that appears on one side of GroupWatch, but if you want to configure data saving you must go to your profile section and click on “Application settings”, then go to the section from “Video playback” and select “Mobile data usage” and finally select “Data saving”.

As an additional tip, in this same menu you can select the quality of content downloads, but remember that the higher the quality, the greater the storage space they will occupy.

And for those who are wondering, many of the content on Disney + is available in 4K and HDR, so from the application settings on compatible streaming devices such as Roku, Fire TV Stick or Smart TVs you can always select which video quality is the highest, although again remember that the higher the quality, the greater the amount of download data that will be needed to watch a series or movie in 4K

Follow your contents

If you suddenly find a series or movie that you can’t see at the moment but that you don’t want to lose sight of, you can add it to your watch list with the + button that appears next to the button for downloading content and GroupWatch.

The content that you add to your list will always appear in the first option from the menu of your profile that we talked about a while ago.

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