One of the great new features of Google Android 10 updateDark Theme is now available on all Pixel devices and on a growing list of other Android phones.

It's basically a dark mode for your entire device, turning over the color palette of all menus and almost all native Google apps, including YouTube and Chrome. It also works with some third-party apps like Instagram and Reddit. Expect the list of supported apps to expand over time as well.

Why is that a big deal? Considering that your screen is your phone's biggest battery drain, pumping out less light between charges should take longer. According to Google, Dark Theme can "significantly reduce power consumption," depending on the screen technology of the device being used.

(Image credits: Google)

According to Google, Dark Theme also improves visibility for users who are sensitive to bright light or have visual impairments. In addition, it is generally advisable to avoid a bright display of the phone in low light conditions and at night, so it may be worthwhile turning it on in the evening.